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Your Love, My Hate :iconcarralak:Carralak 0 3
Every Sort of Animal
Happiness fading, The day is waning,
Better than nothing, I suppose,
And nothing's all I have,
It was the only bit I could remember,
Your voice screaming out,
"Maybe you'll realise, How much you took our friendship for granted"
And now I seem to be every sort of animal to you,
They said pick the lesser of two evils,
But I picked the better,
I'm not convinced any of this is real,
I mixed dream with reality and came out with you,
It was the only bit I could remember,
Your voice screaming out,
"Maybe you'll realise, How much you took our friendship for granted"
And now I seem to be every sort of animal to you,
They all had cynical centres,
I drew temperance, you drew death,
Either way, they all disbelieved,
And the fountain was just water not youth,
It was the only bit I could remember,
Your voice screaming out,
"Maybe you'll realise, How much you took our friendship for granted"
And now I seem to be every sort of animal to you,
You tapped me on the shoulder,
As I wrote my final farewell,
:iconcarralak:Carralak 0 0
the time we pulled Eon's leg by Carralak the time we pulled Eon's leg :iconcarralak:Carralak 1 4
Mature content
Wraithstar Ch4 :iconcarralak:Carralak 0 0
The Boy From The Golden Box 8
The outside of the palace had not changed much since last I had seen it but when I managed to get past the guards I found that within was a different place.
Every window had been sealed shut so the corridors were bathed in darkness. Silence hung in the air. I didn't see or pass any humans until I finally reached the throne room.
I stopped in the shadows of the doorway into the throne room and gazed at the scene before me.
Imhotep was sat upon his throne. He looked many years older than his true age. Two guards flanked him with spears held upright.
Before him stood a robed figure. Something stirred in my memory of the figure but I couldn't place him.
Imhotep was speaking to the figure.
"Your demands are too great. We cannot give you what you want. Lower them and we can consider it realistically."
"We have only asked for one small thing. It is neither vital nor needed for your great kingdom. My army stands ready to take any city you still control. Do not turn down my generous offer." A v
:iconcarralak:Carralak 0 0
Mature content
Wraithstar Ch 2 :iconcarralak:Carralak 0 0
Redemption Epilogue
   "How many ships escaped? What did we managed to save?" Hake asked the bridge, his shoulders slumped in defeat.
   "Seven ships, Captain. Three of which have sustained critical damage. They only just managed to make it to warp." Came the stern reply from the officer at the sensor console.
   "Prepare to drop out of warp. We shall take on the crew and any munitions that those ships have left and leave the hulks to the void."
   "Yes, Sir- Captain! I'm reading an intruder in munitions store 9!" The officer suddenly shouted out.
   "What?! How?! Are the void shields up?!"
   "Yes, Sir. Whoever they are they either came on board with the Tau or they bypassed the shields."
   "Impossible! Nothing can get through void shields! Unless... Hawkman! Occum! You're with me!" Hake ordered before marching from the bridge with the two officers in tow.
   The blast door
:iconcarralak:Carralak 2 5
Mature content
Redemption Ch 14 :iconcarralak:Carralak 2 2
Mature content
Redemption Ch 12 :iconcarralak:Carralak 1 4
Mature content
Redemption ch 10 :iconcarralak:Carralak 0 12
The boy from the golden box 7
Chapter 7
After speaking with the birds I entered the city. It had changed a great deal since last I could remember.
The market was a cold, desolate place. All the stalls were gone and in their place stood a massive platform upon which stood great wooden structures with corpses draped across them.
The streets ran thick with mud and sewage and children flitted here and there looking for scraps of food.
A few older people also wondered the streets but when I tried to speak with them they ignored more and hurried on to whatever dark place they called a home.
I finally reached my destination, Asim’s house. It had fallen into disrepair.
The wooden shutters that had covered the window were all upon the ground. The doorway was blackened and cracked. I stepped through it into the destruction of the first true home I had known.
A great fire had wreaked havoc upon the house. I clutched the small falcon to my chest and entered Asim’s bedroom.
I couldn’t go any further than the door
:iconcarralak:Carralak 1 1
Mature content
the boy from the golden box 4 :iconcarralak:Carralak 1 3
Mature content
Redemption chapter 8 :iconcarralak:Carralak 0 14
Mature content
Redemption. Pt 6 :iconcarralak:Carralak 0 0
Blood Of The Rose Epilogue
The End Has Come
Andrew Carralak
And so you have it.
As I said before you can choose to believe what I have told you or not. You can believe that vampires fought to the death for something as mundane as a rose or you can think that this is just a work of fiction brought about by a single mind.
Either way I believe it. I had to live it. I had to live and still do have to live with the fact that the one I love was killed in a war and I was the one who have killed her.
But now, at the end I realise that this is how it was all supposed to work.
Some vampires questioned many times how The Rose could live for so long and now I can give an answer to that.
Vampire history was wrong. The old tales said that The Rose was watered with the blood of the first vampire but the story must have been twisted somewhere. The first vampire never was human. The first vampire was always The Rose.
The Rose lived because of all of those who died for it, Omatrey, Trask, Sallen, all those other hunters
:iconcarralak:Carralak 0 3
Blood Of The Rose Pt 4 Ch 6
Chapter 6 Robert Drask
The battle was over and the aftermath was devastating.
After two days Carralak finally started to pull himself out of the depression he had been in. He still wept, but only before he slept. He suffered the most in his sleep.
I was surprised to see Arallani come forward and say he was willing to help as well. When I asked him why he was willing to help New Vampires he replied with:
“Because I have seen enough death in my lifetime now, enough heartache and sorrow follow it, to never want to kill again unless I must. I see why the New Vampires fought so hard now and I’m beginning to see things from their point of view. I now want the same outcome as you,”
We packed what gear we had and prepared to leave.
Before we set off, I left Arallani and Carralak to try and find out where the hunters had been staying, in case they may have left any clue as to where Drall was heading.
It didn’t take me long to find the place. I searched their hotel room and f
:iconcarralak:Carralak 0 0

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Bleeding out the pain :iconshantress4:Shantress4 3 5
Sanguinary Guard by ReinoutJansen Sanguinary Guard :iconreinoutjansen:ReinoutJansen 8 31 Changer of Ways by Vanom Changer of Ways :iconvanom:Vanom 24 4 Iron Warriors by Nergling Iron Warriors :iconnergling:Nergling 4,170 441 Zanatorians: Dawn Of Steel by Proiteus Zanatorians: Dawn Of Steel :iconproiteus:Proiteus 76 29 All Is Dust by Wolflaz All Is Dust :iconwolflaz:Wolflaz 19 15 Da Krotch Boyz Comic by Tiwyll Da Krotch Boyz Comic :icontiwyll:Tiwyll 12 24 Dragon Gargoyle by Nytz Dragon Gargoyle :iconnytz:Nytz 2 0 Lil' Demon by Nytz Lil' Demon :iconnytz:Nytz 1 0 Imp by Nytz Imp :iconnytz:Nytz 1 2
Deus Ex Machina - Prologue
"Abby? Abby, honey, where are you?"
The little girl struggled to contain her giggles as she crouched in the bushes outside her house. Her mother stood in front of the carefully-sculpted hedge, facing the street, unable to see her tiny form hidden amongst the leaves.
"C'mon, dear, we have to go. You'll be late for school."
Abby watched her mother's right foot, clad in a red stiletto heel, tap on the sidewalk; it snapped up and down in a staccato beat, mild irritation obvious in every movement. Moments later, it was joined by a pair of fancy dress shoes that shimmered like the road after a rainstorm.
"She's around her somewhere, Linda," said the wearer of the shoes, his feet edging closer to the heels as he spoke. "Maybe Kyle would have better luck finding her."
Abby frowned as her brother's fat legs appeared next to her father's, his chubby bare feet already coated in dirt. "Yeah, yeah, I can find her!" he screeched and immediately dropped to all fours, scrabbling around
:iconpost-lit:Post-Lit 1 13
A Cancer Awareness Contest
Contest Summary
On August, 21st, 2009 a wonderful woman passed away from lung cancer. None of you knew her, it affected none of your lives...up until 2007 it didn't affect my life to know that there was a fatal disease out there that could take somebody I cared about either. Other people got cancer, other families had to pay expensive treatments and deal with loss. It didn't cross my mind at all...until that one day that changed everything for me, my family, my extended family and friends.
Her motto up until the last two weeks of her life was, in essence, "F*ck cancer. It won't bring me down." Incredibly inspirational, fighting the whole way, the sickness did NOT bring her down, and it did not lessen her love for nature, art and just being alive. And hence, the idea for this contest was born.
When somebody close to you passes on, there is never enough time to say goodbye. In this case, I can do something as one final salute to a wonderful person who l
:iconpullingcandy:pullingcandy 257 252
Hanging around - Darren Shan by reggieveggie Hanging around - Darren Shan :iconreggieveggie:reggieveggie 276 207 Guaranteed Popular Writing by phantom-inker Guaranteed Popular Writing :iconphantom-inker:phantom-inker 427 196
Invisible God ::temp name::
Chapter 3
I awoke the next morning and set out to eat as much as the palace servants would provide before they became annoyed.  Somewhat satisfied, I joined the Ambassador and Thema as they prepared to set out for the journey.  We formed a large caravan that marched along the farmlands that gradually gave way to barren desert.  All around us soldiers and chariots circled us for protection.  I wonder if these ‘raiders’ were other people, or their name for some kind of predator to humans.  We came upon an oasis and rested there as the sun raged during the hottest part of the day.  As the sun began to set we started moving again and went deep into the desert.  Even as evening passed and night began to fall they continued for another hour before stopping.  They made camp fires and propped up tents for the important members while the rest of us slept outside.  I enjoyed sleeping in the
:iconstarlight138:starlight138 1 0



United Kingdom
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i have no idea what to put here really...



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been a week now ;p
and in relation to my last post i'm finding some new avenues to work on now so yay. might take me a while to get anything uploaded or completed though.

on another bright note, my insomnia's returned so yay for night time wonderings :D

however, i am currently being assailed by both moths and daddy-long-legs. and some sort of weird green beetle thing.

that's all for now. au revoir, until next time my ragamuffins (yes i mean you *stares pointedly*)
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